Advental Technology
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The term technology refers to the result of applying the
(theoretical) scientific knowledge with the aim of creating an
object with a practical benefit. Sometimes, refers to the

methodology that characterizes such a process.

In recent years the concept refers only to the high technology
and/or computer technology only if and when the basis is not
limited only to those areas. For example, while the advanced
construction of the website
can be technology, so it may be the education culture and sport ministry website or even the rakoumel ρακαδικο website located at exarheia area of athens. The technology spans a wide scope and deals with the knowledge and the use of tools and techniques and how it affects a species ability to control its environment and adapt to it. For more info please visit:   tech1 tech2 tech3 tech4 tech5 tech6 tech7 tech8 tech9
tech10 tech11 tech12 tech13 tech14 tech15 tech16 tech17 tech18 tech19 tech20 pages. For even more information you can also visit the general secretariat for research and technology website